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About Edenton, NC

By George Farrell

The following article uses as its inspiration from Edenton By Jim Kerr

"This lovely North Carolina bayfront town takes pride in its colonial past which appeared in "Where to Retire" special issue 2002 published by Vacation Publications, Inc." 

Edenton is a 300-year-old town that has made a substantial contribution to the history of the United States as well as to the history of North Carolina.


Entering into Edenton from the south on Business Route 17 you get the impression that you are entering an old New England town. Despite this, Edenton is indeed a genuine Southern town, established in 1712 on the northern shore of the Albemarle Sound, where the Chowan River meets, situated in the northeastern region of the state. It is North Carolina's second-oldest town and was the first capital of the state. In the years leading up to the American Revolution, Edenton served as a prominent seaport bustling with activity, boasting a bay where up to 100 ships would anchor, a contrast to the present-day scene which is characterized by leisure boats alone.

Edenton was originally settled mostly by the English who drifted south from Virginia beginning in the 1650's.  In contemporary times, individuals new to the Edenton area often stumbled upon it as tourists, either passing through on their journey elsewhere or lured by tales of its rich historical atmosphere. After experiencing the charm of the town firsthand, these tourists found themselves returning to settle down, captivated by the strong sense of community and the relaxed pace of life it offers.

The roots of community solidarity in this area stretch back through history, tracing back to the involvement of local pioneers who played pivotal roles in shaping American history. Among them are notable figures such as a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a signer of the U.S. Constitution. Emblematic of this heritage is the recently renovated Chowan County Courthouse, designated as a national historic landmark since 1767, making it North Carolina's oldest continuously functioning government structure.

Presently, Edenton serves as the county seat of Chowan County, the smallest county in the state, encompassing just 181 square miles of land and hosting a population of merely 15,000 individuals. Within Edenton alone, the population stands at 5,000 residents.


Diagonal parking lines both sides of Broad Street, spanning the four-block stretch of downtown Edenton's "business district," a feature uncommon in most other areas. The inherent relaxed demeanor of the locals, coupled with their innate friendliness towards all, ensures that residents routinely pause to allow a parked vehicle the chance to reverse out of a parking spot, even if the passing driver has no intention of using the space themselves.


Agriculture reigns as the predominant industry in Chowan County, focusing on crops such as lumber, cotton, and peanuts, with additional cultivation of soybeans, sweet potatoes, and corn. Although Edenton has transitioned away from being a commercial port, pleasure boating has emerged as a significant activity, supported by three marinas and two recreational boat manufacturers. Waterfront living is exemplified by a condominium development along one marina, and a substantial portion of Edenton's populace are enthusiasts of boating and sport fishing.


Location: NE quadrant of North Carolina; about 135 miles northeast of the state capital of Raleigh, NC.; about 80 miles southwest of Norfolk, VA.; about 140 miles south southeast of Richmond, VA.

Arrowhead Beach is on the beautiful Chowan River in Chowan County, part of northeastern North Carolina.  The Arrowhead Property Owners Association is one of the oldest of its type in North Carolina. It began in the early 1970's after the developer (Southern Properties, Incorporated) turned over the subdivision to the Association.  


Arrowhead is twelve miles from historic Edenton and one hour away from Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Virginia.

We're in the midst of a pine forest, directly adjacent to the Chowan River. The Arrowhead community provides many recreational opportunities available, only to members, including a Club House, a beach with a park, and fishing piers. In addition, there is a boat ramp on Indian Creek which provides easy access to the Chowan River as well as a safe haven during severe storms.  The ambiance is very pleasant.

The Arrowhead Property Owners Association, (APOA)  represents over 800 members of whom approximately 300 are either permanent residents or seasonal residents within Arrowhead Beach. Many of those who live in Arrowhead are retired but there are a sufficient number of younger families to assure a diverse neighborhood.


The Arrowhead Property Owners Association is managed entirely by volunteers. For more information, please consult the By-laws and Restrictive Covenants of the Association.

Where is Bandon now?

Bandon Chapel now sits on the site where Bandon Plantation House was originally located.  Bandon Plantation was the home of the famous author Ingles Fletcher, who wrote numerous books based on Edenton.  In the early 1960's the Plantation House caught fire and burned.  There were still original buildings on the property surrounding the Plantation House.  The original Bandon Kitchen, Smokehouse, and Schoolhouse were donated to the Historical Society and were relocated to the Iredell House site where they can still be enjoyed.  Holley's Wharf which was a very active loading and unloading location for shipping on the Chowan River is now gone.  The wharf was at the waterfront at the end of Bandon Rd.

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