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Your one location for all things documents.  Organized below you'll find everything from our community Bylaws, Restrictive Covenants, and meeting minutes to our Building Permit Request Form.

Please feel free to download any of the documents to your storage, and if you feel we are missing anything or you're unable to find a specific document, let us know!


Neighborhood Watch Vacation Alert Form

Kindly fill out this form to assist the committee in understanding the necessary observations required for the property.  When completed, please contact Kitty Jarrell at (276) 274-9544.

Building Permit Request Forms

Please fill out the form below to submit an Building Permit Request. Please note that all documents must be included and all fields must be filled out for the application to be considered complete. 


We LOVE to see the changes our community and residents make! Our aim is only to help residents and maintain compliance with zoning and ordinance regulations. By submitting and getting an building permit request approval, you are protecting yourself and your investment in your home!  Permits will be picked up at office (Mon, Wed, & Fri) and signed off  by resident.  The resident will be notified when the permit is ready for pickup at the office.

APOA Requirements

Building Permit Request Form

Easement & Setback Requirements
Chowan County Requirements
Please review  - BEFORE PURCHASING
an Residential Accessory Building.
Permits - Residential Accessory Buildings
Permits - Decks & Porches
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