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Board Members

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our Board Members generously volunteer their time and effort to fulfill their roles, which demand dedication and commitment. Engaged in decision-making processes year-round, including financial planning, transparent voting, and regular communication with members through quarterly meetings and beyond, the board is dedicated to supporting you. Leveraging their skills and expertise, they strive to enhance our organization. Your opinions and questions are valued, and we're always here to listen and provide answers.

Should you have any inquiries, feel free to contact any member of the board for clarification or assistance. If you're interested in contributing your time, please don't hesitate to inform us.

Meet The Team

Wendy Martin, President

Donna Pitt, Secretary


Sam Verzwyvelt,

Cathy Grimes, Vice President

Mark Baker, Treasurer

Charles Gregory
Building Control

Lynne McCleary,
Parks & Recreation

Bill Piles,
Public Works

Our Office Team

The APOA office team is a dedicated group of volunteers committed to supporting their community selflessly. With their unwavering passion and collective effort, they exemplify the power in driving positive change within the APOA community.

Our Associated Committees


Nominating Committee

The APOA nominating committee is comprised of community members who are tasked with identifying and selecting candidates for leadership positions within the APOA board. This committee plays a crucial role in ensuring a fair and transparent process for nominating individuals who will represent the interests of the community effectively.

Leslie, Nominatiing Committe Chairperson


Neighborhood Watch  Committee

The Neighborhood Watch Committee works to enhance the safety and security of the community by organizing residents to monitor and report suspicious activities. This committee also fosters communication and collaboration with local law enforcement to prevent crime and promote a sense of shared responsibility among neighbors.  

Vacation Alert Request Form

Kitty, Director


Community Relations Committee

The Community Relations committee is comprised of community members who are tasked with identifying and welcoming new residents. This committee plays a crucial role in fostering positive relationships between the organization and the community.  It also engages volunteers in community service projects to enhance the organization's presence and impact in the local area..

Amy, Community Relations



Communications manages and oversee APOA's communication strategies to ensure clear and consistent messaging.  The role coordinates social media campaigns, and volunteer communications to enhance the organization's visibility and engagement.


Jacqueline, Communications 

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